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Foundations of Speaking Accents
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Foundations of Speaking Accents

Ever wanted to know how to speak in a certain accent? Think you have your Sean Connery down, but would like to speak a passable Cockney? 

Whether you're a performer, entertainer, or just someone who likes to inject a little fun around the family dinner table, Foundations of Speaking Accents is a course that will teach you what you need to know to speak in authentic accents.

This course will introduce participants to foundational voice and speech skills for actors and performers (and at home entertainers!). The course will continually build upon information each week as participants transition from principles of speech and personal vocal awareness, to more advanced skills, such as accents and vocal extremes.

GOALS: By the end of this four week course, participants will...

  • Have a foundational understanding of the physical components of speech production.

  • Have greater awareness of individual voice and speech habits.

  • Expand their range of speech and voice skills for acting and performing with accents.

  • Understand the components that make up an accent and how to approach learning new accents, voice skills.

  • Begin to more seamlessly incorporate their vocal awareness into future acting, improv, and accent work.


  • This course will be physically active and engage participants with Knight-Thompson Speechwork and other other leading vocal training methodologies (please come to class dressed comfortably and ready to move).

  • Participants will get regular opportunities to combine new voice and speech skills to improv games and scenes.

  • During this course, participants will explore common accents that actors routinely encounter (ex - British (RP), Cockney, Irish, and American Southern)

**THIS IS A FOUR WEEK COURSE running on Tuesday evenings, 7-8:30 from October 30th through November 20th**


colton weiss harvard voice instructor

Colton Weiss is a local actor, voice & speech artist who is very excited to be back in Columbus! He recently returns to Cbus after living in Cambridge, MA for two years where he completed his master’s in voice & speech pedagogy with the American Repertory Theater Institute at Harvard University. During that time, Colton coached over fifteen different productions, taught college courses on accents/dialects, acting, voice and speech skills for actors, and trained with international artists from the Moscow Art Theatre School in Russia. Favorite coaching credits include: Charlotte's Web (A.R.T./Dmitry Troyanovsky, dir.), Violet the Musical (A.R.T. @ Oberon/Sammi Cannold, dir.), The Owl Answers (Harvard University/David R. Gammons, dir.), and Kin (Tufts University/Barbara Grossman, dir.). He is a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA), and previously earned Bachelor of Arts degrees from The Ohio State University. Many thanks to #HashtagComedyColumbus for all their creative support! (

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