Professional Improv Comedy in Columbus, OH

#Hashtag Comedy is a group of comedians and educators producing and performing in improv and variety shows, teaching improv classes and facilitating corporate teambuilding workshops in and around Columbus and Central Ohio. 

We believe three things:

1.) That bringing improv to our community is an important part of spreading joy, laughter and passion to the city we love 

 2.) That improv is an art form that is greatly enhanced when combined with other art forms and artists also working to make a difference in our city, and

3.) That improv is a fundamental life philosophy that can help individuals, businesses and organizations build better teams, embrace diversity and welcome new challenges.

If you leave a show, class or workshop happy and with more laughs in your pocket than with what you came, we've done our job. 

Our main performance home is at Up Front at Shadowbox Live. We also perform and teach all over Columbus and throughout Central Ohio, and hold workshops at our learning space at The Fort.

Check out our upcoming shows, take a class with us, or find out how improv can help your business.