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N High St
Columbus, OH
United States

#Hashtag Comedy is a full-service comedy troupe in Columbus, OH featuring a rag-tag bunch of improvisers, comedians, writers and musicians making people laugh through performance, film, improv and music.




Corporate Workshops

More and more businesses are harnessing the power of improvisational techniques as a way to engage employees and encourage teamwork. Because improv is so versatile, other specific training goals can also be adapted into improv-style exercises and games.

Basic improv skills encourage listening and connecting in a collaborative manner. Improv games help employees to suspend judgment and overcome blocks to creative problem solving. In addition to building better communication among coworkers, improv also aids in interactions and engagement with clients and customers.

Contact us to learn more about a corporate workshop for your business. 

Children’s Workshops

School age children are natural improvisers, and our goal is to connect to their already active imaginations with stage performance. We have workshops for kids of all ages:

Play Cafe', ages 8-13

The main objective of this six week workshop is to teach children basic improv skills, then create an environment that provides ample opportunity and space for kids to learn and play.

Improv games build confidence, and develop communication and performance skills. In addition, cooperation and collaboration is enhanced by learning to listen and to work together. Booking through these classes is done in partnership with ShadowboxLive. 

Skills Workshops, 14-18

These custom-built workshops are dependent on what your kids or students need. Whether you're putting on a play and want your cast to learn deeper character development, or just want an opportunity to learn improv skills in your public speaking class, we'll bring our experts in to instruct students in a fun and relaxed environment. Classes can be as short as one hour (to fit in a class period), a two hour, focused intensive or a six week course. Contact us for details and pricing. 

Team Workshops and Intensives

These workshops are for existing improv teams that want to learn or enhance their performance skills. Workshops are customized based on team needs and goals. Contact us for details and pricing.

Coming soon!-->Improv Basics for Couples!<--

This fun six week course is designed specifically for couples who want to learn more about improv (and each other!). Whether you want to move on and perform, or simply set aside a date with each other each week, it's a chance to bring more "yes!" into your relationship. Pricing, dates and location coming soon!