Adult improv comedy classes


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"how do you do that?"

"I could never do something that risky."

"You're all so quick. My brain doesn't work that way."

"Whatever those people are doing seems terrifying...but maybe it could help me with that upcoming work presentation...?"

As improv comedians, we've heard all these statements (and others) from individuals who are intrigued by the concept of "making stuff up" but think they'd never be able to do it. 

But that's simply not the case. 

Improv is a LEARNED art form that provides structure, exercises and teamwork to help individuals grow their confidence, work better together, and most importantly, feel perfectly at home in their own skin.

In Hashtag Comedy's six week improv classes, students will: 

  • Learn the power of YES!

  • Explore the concept of "embracing their weird"

  • Develop confidence and stage presence (that translates far beyond the stage)

  • Study and learn improv concepts, theories and games

  • Discover how to connect with themselves and others with greater authenticity and ease

If you want to take these principles and become an improv comedian...great! Our classes will support you in beginning (or continuing your comedy journey).

If not, that's great, too! We welcome students of all levels, ages and occupations. Improv is a foundational life skill that sticks with you long after you've left the classroom or stage. In fact, we know it can make you a better boss, parent, co-worker, friend and human. 

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