The Boosh & Me


The Boosh & Me

Sara “The Boosh” Greer is pretty much my favorite person. Well… not “pretty much”... she IS my favorite person. About seven years ago Sara and I first met while working at the DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) Photo Studio. I was working as a Digital Asset Coordinator (pretty much a digital librarian) and she was hired in as a Photo Stylist (styles and takes photos of shoes). A week or so after we met our photo studio went out for a happy hour. Drinks were flowing and I, embarrassingly, forgot Sara’s name. We were having a great conversation but I went to introduce her to a friend and her name completely escaped me. I DUMB. Luckily Sara didn’t write me off right there, although I probably made it an uphill climb for us to be friends. 

A month or so later, after being set up by a couple friends (and I made sure that I never forgot her name again) we started dating. Our first date may or may not have been a golf club dinner event with my dad where he brought all of his own vegetables to the restaurant and put them on the table. He may or may not have embarrassed me to a point where I thought my chances with Sara were over but somehow… she stuck around. (He was actually really funny, I was just so nervous on the date.) 

During this time Sara was taking improv classes here in Columbus while I was terrified of public speaking. Soon after her improv classes completed, she co-founded Hashtag Comedy and I became their superfan. Sara then encouraged me to take an improv class. I began to really love the art form from watching so much Hashtag Comedy so I went along with her advice and took a few classes. I was hoping that it would get me more comfortable in front of large groups while maybe enhancing my presentation skills for work. To my surprise, Hashtag Comedy then asked that I join the group. I was shocked/honored/thrilled.

Flash forward seven years - Sara and I have been married for four+ years, we have two beautiful kids, and we have an incredible improv family. Sara wrote and performed “I AM BOOSH a One-Woman Show” two times, she is a two-time host of Columbus’ “Monday Night Live”, she has co-created the “Sara + Sheree Variety Show” (which returns to the stage next month), and she has put years of blood, sweat, and tears into helping build Hashtag Comedy to what it is today.

Kenny Greer / Marketing Director, The Hashtag Comedy Co.