TBD: The (Ab Workout and) Improvised Musical


TBD is a cardio work out where your friends make you laugh so hard that it’s also now an ab work out. It’s my favorite show to even watch because it’s like the True Crime genre had a kid with a peppy musical. I have no idea where it’s going, who’s going to do what, but everyone drops clues, and they do it through song.

Performing in TBD is the best way to end a week because instead of being a stressed out PhD student, I’m all of a sudden running around as some old man traveller or some Canadian Captain of murder. Some of my favorite shows are ones where my character is actually a form of me, and I can sing out, with absolute support from the cast, about what are secretly my own troubles.

TBD gave me a home when I only knew a few people in Columbus. The cast is a wonderful family where we’re all weird uncles, but like, not the racist kind. Friday is our family dinner. Come join us. Foods on you.


Shannon Poulsen / Improviser, TBD: The Improvised Musical

See Shannon this Friday in TBD: The Improvised Musical! Get your tickets by clicking below!