improv for corporate events

You like to entertain your employees. They like to be entertained.

Or maybe you have a big conference coming up and need an act that can go with the flow (the flow being that you've just given 500 hard working folks access to booze, free food, and all the continuing education they can handle).

Even beyond entertainment and fun times, studies show that humor in the workplace boosts morale, builds trust, and can even improve your relationship with your customers (Forbes).

That's why Hashtag Comedy gives your audience a fast-paced, unique show they won't see anywhere else. No special equipment needed.

We put the "pro" in "professional." No really...many of us are professionals ourselves, coming from fields as diverse as journalism, academia, marketing and law. So we "get it"...when you need to balance professionalism, corporate culture and humor into one big ball of awesome, we've got you covered. (We'll even wear sport coats!) 

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