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Adult Improv Comedy Classes, Level Two, Fall 2019, SIX WEEK COURSE

  • Hashtag Comedy's Learning Center at The Fort 2000 South High Street Columbus, OH, 43207 United States (map)

Class Length: 6 Weeks

Time/Dates: 7-9pm, Tuesday nights, 9/17-10/22

Early Bird Registration: $160 (8/1-8/31)

Regular Registration: $200 (9/1-9/17)

Pre-Requisites: Level One (some outside improv education and performance experience is welcome. Please message with questions)

This Level Two improv course continues to build upon the foundations students learned in Level One, with added emphasis on: 

+Applied scene work
+Finding the "truth in comedy"
+Making compelling character choices

**This course is six weeks long, beginning 9/17/19 from 7pm-9pm.** Students will participate in a showcase at Up Front at Shadowbox Live on 10/24 at 8pm.

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