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Writing Digital Comedy Shorts

  • Hashtag Comedy's Learning Center at The Fort 2000 South High Street Columbus United States (map)

Class Length: 4 Weeks

Time/Dates: 7:00 PM-8:30 PM, Thursdays, 5/9/19-5/30/19

Registration: $97

Pre-Requisites: Some writing experience is preferred, but not necessary. Students should approach this class with the willingness to dig deep into the what and why of the things they find funny.

Class Supplies: Students will come to each class with one of their favorite comedy short form bits/clips and be prepared to talk about it. Clips can be from anywhere and/or span a variety of genres (e.g. filmed sketches, live comedy bits, or even just a specific scene in a movie.) Just make sure clips can be found and shown to the group. Also, bring a notebook and pen for notes and in-class exercises.

Ever have a funny idea and think “This would make a great SNL sketch!”, but have no idea how to go about writing it, or how to expand on it past an initial concept?

Well, you’re in luck, this class is for you!

If you just want to make oddly sped up Instagram videos about “How X be like?” skits, you can stop reading now. This class will focus on how to write well-structured and thought out comedy shorts.

Learn how to explore why you think your idea is funny, how to edit it to a working concept and take a point of view with your writing. We will be focusing on filmed shorts in this class to allow you more flexibility in writing. Due to this, we will also explore light work with proper script formatting, but it won’t be the focus of our work.

Expect to do a lot of writing, a lot of watching and a lot of laughing. As a warning, once you start doing your comedy sketches relatives and friends will tell you their terrible, terrible ideas “for one of your little comedy skits”, so practice friendly nodding and politely smiling in your own time.

**Classes run for four weeks starting Thursday, May 9.**


Erik Sternberger started his career designing toys for DC Comics studied sketch writing and improv at the legendary Second City Chicago and his production company "Apathetic Revolutionary" creates comedy shorts and original scripts that have won awards at film festivals and contests around the country. Erik occasionally stands behind famous people in major motion pictures, creates original screenplays, and writes satire for various publications. Dogs seem to like him.