Children's Improv Workshops are fun, fast paced, and harness a child's natural ability to play and imagine into performance. Skills children learn in this workshop include:

  • Collaborative story telling: With simple suggestions and rules about pushing a story forward (“What’s the next line?”), a group storyline is created.

  • Developing scenes: With simple suggestions, (e.g., of two characters, a relationship and a setting) children easily invent elaborate stories, which could be either dramatic or comedic.

  • Miming and movement: Children learn through moment. Exercises and activities that challenge them to connect their imaginations to body movement through physical space enhance creativity and focus.

Specific games played in these workshops include: 

  • Physical

    • Make the ABCs with your body

    • Energy transfer games

    • Honey walk: instructor calls out things they must walk through (honey, jello, ice, mud)

    • Happy place: close your eyes and imagine, now mime the space


  • Connecting

    • Pass the ball (mimed)

    • Red light/green light

    • Follow the leader/new idea


  • Creative

    • Fairy tale in a minute (reenact quickly well known fairy tale)

    • Melodrama: old fashioned story, with a twist from audience

    • Mashup: list of animals, list of activities; mix and match (“How would a giraffe brush his teeth?”)

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