IMPROV Workshops for Startups

We are pleased to partner with Green Light Improv to offer improv workshops specifically for businesses in the startup space. Startups often have unique needs. The fast-paced environment, team-focused growth and day-to-day changes make improv a perfect medium to address these startup challenges.

Startup improv workshops can help address:

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Teambuilding

  • Trust in ideas and teammates

  • Listening and communication skills

  • Failing (and recovering!) faster in supported risk taking

  • …and more!

Our partners at Green Light Improv bring experience and knowledge specific to the startup space. Sessions are designed to deliver quick-hit lessons and lightbulb moments, along with slow-burn shifts in thinking to make your startup team more effective.

Contact us today to learn more about improv workshops for startups!

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