Hashtag Comedy's Improv Comedy Show Featuring...Hashtag Comedy! 06/03/2015

hashtag comedy improv comedy show

Last night at Shadowbox Live's Backstage Bistro Hashtag Comedy performed with....Hashtag Comedy! No, seriously, folks....it's been a while since we had a show at the Bistro with just the eight of us - since December 2014, to be exact! We love all of our special guests and all the creative talent we feature from around the city, but it was fun to host a show with just ourselves for a change.

This was our 25th show at the Bistro since 2014, and we were pretty excited about that milestone! We had a great crowd, including a lot of new faces. Thanks for coming out to see us!

NOTE: Please come out next week, June 10th, to our benefit to End Alzheimer's! More info here.

hashtag comedy improv shadowbox backstage bistro