Hashtag Comedy's "End Alzheimer's" Improv Comedy Show Featuring the Jeremy Pelzer All Stars! 06/10/2015

hashtag comedy end alzheimers

Hashtag Comedy performed at Shadowbox Live's Backstage Bistro as a fundraiser in conjunction with the Central Ohio Alzheimer's Association and Walk (Marilyn's Mighty Memory Makers Walk Team). Our snazzy new shirts were donated by our friends at the 90/10 Collection. Proceeds from ticket sales, purchase of #ENDALZ t-shirts and other donations totaled $700! W00t!

The Jeremy Pelzer All Stars (featuring Brendan Gray, KC Novak, Katie Drown, Stephen Doughten et al.) opened the show with a long-form improv set. Then Hashtag Comedy took the stage with short form, improv comedy games. The fun and laughter was interspersed with tears in stories of loved ones who had struggled with Alzheimer's - this disease has touched many of our lives. It was a great show, and Hashtag Comedy was proud to do our small part for our friends and our community! Let's End Alzheimer's!

For more information, you can have a look at Ann Napoletan's blog here: The Long and Winding Road: An Alzheimer's Journey and Beyond.

Rashod Cantrell, Ann Napoletan, Joseph M. Moorer

Rashod Cantrell, Ann Napoletan, Joseph M. Moorer