How to Get Started in Columbus Improv Comedy

What does the Columbus improv community have to say about getting started in improv comedy? Here's some of their best advice: 

hashtagmania iv hashtag comedy

“Talk to people in the community before and after their shows to start networking. They are a great source of opportunities in the community”-Alex Lefeld, TBD: the Improvised Musical, founder Fishbowl

"This is advice/suggestion from a person that originally STARTED improv as a way to gain confidence and not from a performing stand point: Take a class (just go for it) and go see a show(s). You will meet people at these classes and shows. Get to know them. Ask them questions/advice/take notes. Yea, it's scary. But guess what?! Improv community is filled with some of the most supportive, motivating, encouraging peeps ever.

Oh hey, you want to perform, but kinda scared about it? Start your own improv crew with some of those people from your class and start getting together once a week to practice. Then, when you're ready, CBus will be waiting for you and your crew to play with us!

Oh, and don't be hard on yourself in the beginning or ever actually. There are so many styles, forms, ways and levels of performing. Find you and do you."-Lucy 8A, PuntagiousComedySportzClutch

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"Say yes to as many invites as you can in the beginning! It takes time to find the right people to prov with and the right venues" -Tyler Davis, Fishbowl veteran, Second City

"The improv community is super positive and supportive. Reach out to people who you love to watch perform and be nice! Tearing people down will get you nowhere!"-Katie Lynn Drown, TBD: the Improvised Musical, ROT

"Take in improv from everywhere. Go to live shows here, look up shows from Chicago, LA and NYC on YouTube and see what you like and what you don't. Bring back what you like to your group. Eventually you'll find your style between everyone else's and have an unique voice."-Erik Sternberger,

"Look for jams and meetups--find ways to play on stage with a broad range of performers and try out different styles and formats. You'll find people you love to perform with, and you'll also become a more versatile performer."-Alex Dodge, TBD: the Improvised Musical, Improv Instructor ACPA

"First and foremost, open your mind. Second, go see a show. Third, take a class. The bonds you will form with first time improvisers last a lifetime. Lastly, open your mind." David Price, host of Dave Night 
tbd the improvised musical hashtag comedy

"1) Go to shows! You’ll meet people and get a good idea of the scene.

2) If you want to dabble, try a meetup or jam. They're usually free!

3) Take a class!

No wrong answers! The more you do improv stuff here, the more you’ll figure out what’s right for you!"-Jeremy Pelzer, co-founder Columbus Improv Comedy Meetup

"Classes, shows, meet ups, talk to people in the community and find out what's going on. They're all helpful and supportive. See shows in other markets as well. The Improv scene here in Columbus has exploded in the past 10 years and it's only getting bigger and better."-Jeff Gage, instructor Improv-Columbus, owner Engage Corporate Improv Team Building, founder Improv Wars

"#1 take multiple classes, #2 do any show that will let you on stage, #3 embrace miserable failure -rinse, wash, repeat."-Matt W., Hashtag Comedy
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"1. Think about why you want to do improv. What inspired you to take this step? Is it to meet new people? To perform? To add a new skill set for life/work? Taking a deep dive into why you want to initially take this step will help you find where to best take that step.
2. Google Improv Columbus Ohio. Take a class to learn a skill and perform. Do a meet up and see shows if you want to meet new people. Actually do it all if you are in any way serious.
3. If you want to be a part of the community, then be a part of the community. Go to shows and support your friends. Form a group and book shows. Lots of unused venues in town.
4. Think about what makes you unique as a person. What is interesting about you? This will help key what type of improv you will enjoy doing and what best suits your strengths. If you have passion and it inspires you, that’s where you should go. 
5. “Fail”. None of us in the community were at the level we wanted to be when started. The only common denominator for the more experienced of us is that we kept doing it. Don’t be afraid to take chances and go with your inspiration. It will pay off in unexpected ways in the long run."-Scott T. Wheeler, @scotttwheeler

"Improv is for everyone and I encourage people of color and different ethnic backgrounds to take a class. The improv community here is welcoming. If you don’t see people that look like you performing learn the fundamentals and either join or form a group. If you’re not ready to commit to a class you can attend a meet up or stop by an improv jam."-Carolyn Pierre-Louis, ComedySportzAndy’s Mints, Musical Mixtape

"If you are brand new to improv, I recommend that you find a class and take a class. It doesn't matter where, just take a class. It will teach you the basics of improvisation as well as introduce you to others who are already part of the community (instructors) as well as other people interested in joining the community too. 

If you are already an experienced improviser, I would recommend going to shows and hang out and chat after. There are often improvisers in the audience so it is a great place to meet other improvisers and find out what's going on in town and opportunities to get involved."-Joe Teeters, Columbus Improv Veteran, The Joe Teeter's Experience

"I did Standup comedy for 5 years before i finally started doing improv and I'm really glad I did. It made me a better comic, better writer, better podcaster, and a better person."-Kevin Hendrix, Chatimals 
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"When you Google Columbus Improv, look for online forums for advice. Forums can get you connected to shows, classes and other improvisers."-Zach Sinclair, Dude PartyAndy's Mints, GNOBLES

"In addition to going to classes, watching shows, and talking to others in the community. My biggest suggestion is to check out improv outside of Columbus, go to a festival or improv camp, Pittsburgh has a great scene and is only 3 hour drive away, take a weekend trip to Chicago or an overnight bus to NYC. Are you in a new city and they have a theater, go check it out. Even watch stage theater, plays, hit up Mad Lab. Can't afford to travel? Youtube has tons of videos of UCB Cagematches, search improv on Vimeo. You'll find really clunky sets, but you'll also find some shows you think are cool or just want to talk about. I love Columbus improv, but the thing that's helped me grow the most is going to workshops or shows outside the city and observing something I'd love to bring back and share." -Dalia Natour, Andy's Mints, GNOBLES, DogPack

"1.) Read: improv is an art form and there's several blogs, articles and even textbooks on the fundamentals and technical aspects of improv.

2.) Attend shows and really WATCH what's happening. The best way to learn good Improv is watching good Improv. Shows are everywhere in this city and styles all vary. Which brings us to...

3.) Find your style/voice. Do you enjoy musical Improv? Start playing around with making up songs. Like more open-ended forms? Look up Longform shows or meetups and take in some rehearsed teams. Different teams perform differently and who knows, your style may be what the scene is missing.

4.) Consider classes. And not just improv classes (though there are many offered around town from several talented professionals). I came into improv with a bachelor's in theatre and a minor in vocal music, and all my Improv flows through that. Mime classes have shaped my object work. Script analysis helps me inform characters. Basic acting classes have helped me build a physical world that the audience can see. This is a performative art form and a facet of acting. Study the basics and a lot of Improv will flow from there.

5.) Find others with the same goals. The Columbus Improv Meetup has two nights a week for people to network, learn and grow as improvisors. Teams also form regularly from graduating members of Improv classes. Find folks you get along with and work with well and build that chemistry.


-Use other people's shows and practices as a vehicle to hand out resumes and business cards (I've had this happen a number of times and it's really just awkward for individuals who are just trying to put on a good show and, typically, aren't looking to expand their ranks. 

-Expect any kind of "compensation" for supporting shows and groups. We appreciate you coming out, but if it's just because you hope to get onstage, that motive will typically show and can be off-putting.

-Be derisive or critical of groups as you start learning and doing Improv. At some point those same people may look for a group to guest star in a show and the better your relationship with the community, the more likely it is they'll reach out to you. And if they don't, DO NOT read into it or take it personally.

And finally:

-Dont over think. This is supposed to be fun. Taking it too seriously and losing the play of it all defeats the purpose of performing. Just have fun!!!" Mark Hale Jr., Founder/Coach The Meowhatten ProjectPocket LintGo Long

karina nova pete scalia hashtag comedy.jpg

"(1) Improv is The Best Therapy Ever - if you let it, improv can be extremely therapeutic, but you have to let go of "looking cool" or "trying to be funny" for it to work... 
(2) Find your Tribe - As you take classes and visit different shows you will find the improv that fits your style. Short form, long form, experimental, etc. Be patient and when you find the people, the teacher or the style that you connect with, go for it, get lost in it... and
(3) Improv is not about confidence it is about comfortability - The most captivating and hilarious performers are not the ones with the most confidence, they are the ones who are most comfortable looking real, honest and even stupid if the scene needs you to be..."-Jesse Jones, Free Agent Improv Comedian, HashtagMania Team Champion 2013, 2017

A version of this article originally appeared on Columbus Laughs.

15 of the Best Columbus Comedy Shows of 2017

It's by no means a comprehensive list, but these are the shows comedians and audience members mentioned as among their favorites in 2017. In no particular order...

1. 50 First Jokes, January 2017

50 first jokes 2017

50 comedians get one minute to tell their first joke of the year. 2017 was the debut of this show in Columbus, and many comedians still tout it as their favorite.

2. The Roast of Tiny, August 2017

roast of tiny 2017

One small dog. A bunch of comedians. Free-flowing insults. The Roast of Tiny took one mutt to task to raise money for another dog's medical bills and the result was pure magic.

3. An Evening with the Burkey's, Monthly 2017

evening with the burkey's 2017

You can't ask local comedians about a "best of" moment in Columbus comedy in 2017 without getting at least five of them to mention this show. This newer show, happening at Kafe Kerouac on 1st Fridays is a favorite for its intimate stage, unorthodox lineups and amazing hosts.

4. Wonder Doug's Rise from the Ashes, September 2017

wonder doug 2017

He's one of the most beloved comedians in the city, and after an extended break this past spring and summer, he made a triumphant return to the stage with a truly memorable show. Featuring standup, burlesque and music, this show was simply an outpouring of love for a guy who creates so much opportunity for other people. 

5. Thanks Obama 2, January 2017

thanks obama 2 2017

ShadowboxLive's Brandon Anderson and Hashtag Comedy's Joseph Moorer put their comedy brains together for the second installment of their "Thanks Obama" show. The show featured sketches, standup, improv and music by people of color and with a sold-out, packed house, it was one of the funniest and best experiences of the year.

6. Stand Up for Choice, Quarterly 2017

standup for choice 2017.jpg

This quarterly show (we can't pick just one) has an energy that can't be matched anywhere else in the city. Whether it's the standing room vibe of Ace of Cups, the tight line-ups or the cause, Stand Up for Choice consistently delivered a truly entertaining and irreverent comedy romp.

7. Lucky Ladies, March 2017

lucky ladies 2017

This yearly all-female lineup never fails to deliver, but this year's show reached next level status. Between the killer lineup, the fresh sets and packed house, it's one more show that proves that funny women in Columbus are rad. 

8. Midnight Comedy Party Power Hour at Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival, May 2017

whiskey bear 2017

The Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival is gaining steam year after year, and this past year featured one of the best moments in Columbus comedy: 60ish comedians doing 1 minute of material or less and getting hammered in the back of a tattoo shop. 

9. Hot Dog!, Monthly 2017

hot dog comedy 2017

It's a hot dog eating contest meets standup comedy show. Need we say more?

10. TBD: the Musical "Look Out! An Iceberg!", December 2017

tbd the musical counterfeit madison 2017

This improvised musical consistently packs in the audiences, but this particular show in early December 2017, featuring local musician goddess Counterfeit Madison, was made of pure magic. A powerful opening and closing number, heart wrenching love songs, shipwrecks and reprises...oh my! 

11. Deuces Wild, Monthly 2017

deuces wild 2017

Yep, this show is on every list we've made so far. Are you pickin' up what we're dropping here?

12. HashtagMania IV, April 2017

hashtagmania iv 2017

40 improvisers, 8 teams, red carpet, musical intros, text to vote...this show has it all. The 4th iteration of HashtagMania IV was the best big and bad and over the top, in fact, it's 5th installment will be held at the Columbus Museum of Art in April, 2018.

13. Improv Wars Finals!, October 2017

improv wars finals 2017

Four improv team finalists battled it out to be the funniest in this text to vote competition...but the icing on the cake this year was the surprise engagement at the end of the show. 

14. "That one weird semi-private Beef Ghost house show", November 2017

cozy comedy amber falter 2017.jpg

All we know is that it took place at Amber Falter's house, it had a quirky lineup and those who were there will never forget it.

15. "Columbus Comedy Illuminati" Columbus Riot Facebook Group Post, December 2017 

columbus comedy illuminati

A lone comedian posts a thinly veiled dig about comedy lineups in the city. What happens next can only be categorized as a true social media monster: nearly 700 comments, two Facebook pages, a Twitter account and a website spawned in the wake of the original post. Names were called, accusations made and the "Columbus Comedy Illuminati" was born.

Bookers and comics alike discussed what it's like to do comedy in this city, how far we've come and where we hope to go. Many gifs were posted, jokes made and grievances aired. Overall, hours were wasted, much fun was had and we daresay some inspiration was felt.

Word is still out on whether the original poster has booked any shows.

Didn't see your favorite Columbus comedy show of 2017 listed here? Tell us your favorite on Facebook!

7 "Sleeper" Columbus Comedy Shows You Gotta Stop Missing

columbus comedy sleeper shows

They're hilarious, entertaining and sometimes downright beautiful. And yet, for whatever reason, these "sleeper" shows remain Columbus comedy's best kept secrets. Read about these shows and then be sure to catch the next one!

1. Pop Culture Mix Tape

pop culture mixtape

This show also made our "best of" list, and for good reason. Featuring a pop culture theme and a diverse lineup of comedians, there's just one rule: no standup.

What results is a creative journey (think Power Point presentations, commercials, music and more) through some of the best comics, TV shows, movies and other pop culture phenomenons. Plus, at just $5,, it's an easy sell. 

  • 3rd Mondays, 8pm, $5
  • Mikey's Late Night Slice, 268 S 4th Street (upstairs)
  • Check out Whiskey Bear Comedy for more information. 

2. Deuces Wild

deuces wild

Another "best of" crossover, Deuces Wild is the improv show that delivers as many touching moments as it does laughs.

Five teams of two improvisers have ten minutes each to produce scenes based on a suggestion from the audience. The result is often beautiful, and at a tight 70 minutes, it's the perfect way to get a taste of some of the best improv in the city and still have time to catch a drink or two after. 

  • 3rd Tuesdays, 8pm, $8
  • MadLab, 227 N 3rd Street
  • Check out TNI-Deuces Wild on Facebook for more information

3. An Evening with the Burkey's

an evening with the burkeys

This show is already a favorite with local comedians, who enjoy the hosts (established comedians in their own right), the tiny stage and campus vibe of Kafe Kerouac.

Funny couple Dave and Natalie Burkey bring together a variety of standups in a Friday night showcase where whomever can squeeze into the space gets to see some of the best and most diverse comedy in the city. The lineups are always unexpected, but you're sure to see a veteran or two, a new up-and-comer and a special guest. 

  • 1st Fridays, 8pm, $5
  • Kafe Kerouac, 2250 N High Street
  • Check out Columbus Laughs for more information

4. The Quiz Box

quiz box.jpg

It's trivia meets Mystery Science Theater meets Steve Harvey (sort of). The Quiz Box is the brain child of standups Nickey Winkelman and Erik Tait, and it's the game show where the winner can take home the glory without any correct answers. 

A panel of comedians and the occasional local celebrity battle it out to answer trivia questions, but can earn points for particularly clever banter or jokes. Audience members can earn prizes (or apologies) based on comedian performance, and maybe learn an obscure fact or two in the process. 

  • 4th Fridays, 8pm, $7
  • ShadowboxLive's Backstage Bistro, 503 S Front Street
  • Follow the Quiz Box for more information

5. Buckeye Standup Comedy Club

buckeye standup comedy club

Don't let the fact that it's an active student organization or in a pizza basement deter you from catching some of the best comedy in the city.

Run by students at the Ohio State University, the Buckeye Standup Comedy Club showcases some of the best up and coming talent anywhere, plus notable vets. 

6. Please Clap

wholly craft.jpg

This show also made our "best of" list (notice a theme here?), but we want you to be among the exclusive list of people who get to take in this show in a tiny craft shop in Clintonville. 

Please Clap is an all-female lineup of comedy, nestled among crafts and craft supplies. The owner is often on hand to distribute prizes and the night focuses on funny women throughout history as well as the women on stage. 

  • Re-launching 2018
  • Wholly Craft, 3515 N High Street
  • Follow Babe Roar for more information

7. Late Nights with Savage Tech

savage tech.jpg

It's weird, quirky, funny and everything in between, Plus, as one of the city's only regular late night comedy shows (yeah, we're working on it), this variety show/camp/multi-media extravaganza offers an alternative to your usual Saturday night fare (but don't worry, there's still booze). 

Produced by the ever-creative Savage Tech, Late Nights bring standup-with-a-twist, professionally produced digital shorts, characters, elaborate costumes and sets, dancing and music. There's really nothing else like it in Columbus and the hard work and passion of the show producers and guests shines through every performance. 

  • Rotating Saturdays, 10:30 pm, $5
  • ShadowboxLive's Backstage Bistro, 503 S Front Street
  • Follow Savage Tech Industries for more information

What are your favorite "sleeper" shows? Tell us about it on Facebook.


10 Best Comedy Shows in Columbus

Best Comedy Shows in Columbus Ohio

If you're looking to laugh your ass off, stare in awe, or just have something to talk about at the water cooler Monday morning, here are the best* standup, improv, sketch and storytelling shows around Columbus.

1. Whiskey Bear Comedy’s Character Roasts

whiskey bear character roasts

Whiskey Bear consistently puts on some of the most creative comedy shows in Central Ohio, and its character roasts are no exception. Disney Heroes and Villains, Dracula, Spiderman, Batman, Luke Skywalker…basically, if you’re some sort of pop-culture icon, you’re gettin’ roasted.

The roastee and dais is populated by local comedians who play other characters in the guest of honor’s universe. So if you ever wondered what it was like to hear Han Solo go off on a tangent about how “SPACE IS A VACUUM” or see Rapunzel compare Belle to a Duggar brother, this is the show for you.

Follow Whiskey Bear on Facebook to learn of the next roast and its location. Buy tickets early…these shows always sell out! $5-$7

2. Tuesday Night Improv’s Deuces Wild

deuces wild improv show at madlab

Deuces Wild also made our “sleeper show” list, but we can’t say enough good things about this little improv show. It features teams of two improvisers performing 10 minute sets back to back based on audience suggestion.

The result is a romp through some of the most creative minds in the city that often ends up nothing short of beautiful (and funny, of course). Plus, at a tight 65-70 minutes, this show is the perfect size comedy snack. 

Shows are one Tuesday a month at MadLab. Check the Facebook page for latest show updates and lineups. $8

3. Monday Night Live

monday night live sketch comedy show.jpg

It’s Columbus’ longest running sketch comedy show, and, like its TV namesake, features local celebrities performing with the MNL cast. The sketches are always fresh and funny, and many of them are locally focused.

So if you’ve ever wanted to see that ONE event in town skewered with wit and charm, don’t miss this monthly show. MNL takes place in the "pizza attic" at Mikey's Late Night Slice on 4th and it's just $5.

4. Speakeasy’s Storytelling Night

speakeasy storytelling at wild goose

On the first Thursday of the month, catch the best local storytellers at Wild Goose Creative as they follow a theme with their funny, personal and sometimes heart-wrenching stories. Then, once a year, see the best of the best all in one place at the Big Easy, their annual showcase.

Storytellers can range from first timers to veterans, so you get the charm of new story jitters or the polish of a true professional in this 90 minute show. $5

5. Female as Fuck

female as fuck comedy show

There are many shows in Columbus that book all-female lineups, but this is one of the most dynamic. Featuring stand-up comedians, sketch writers, musicians and storytellers, Female as Fuck gives the audience a perfect smorgasbord of unique perspectives that are anything but “funny for a girl.”

Show is held end of summer at Shadowbox Live's Backstage Bistro and is $7.

6. Tuesday Nights with Mak and Winks

tuesdays with mak n winks at backstage bistro

This long-standing Tuesday show is based in standup, but you’ll also catch sketch shows, music, one-man/woman shows, character roasts and everything in between. It's held on the intimate stage of Shadowbox Live's Backstage Bistro, so audiences get a truly immersive comedy experience. 

Plus, you can't beat getting some of the best local and occasional national acts for just $7.

7.  Whiskey Bear’s Pop Culture Mixtape

pop culture mix tape

Another Whiskey Bear gem, The Pop Culture Mixtape also made our “sleeper show” list, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t list it here. This show, held on the 3rd Monday of the month at Mikey's on 4th, asks comedians to craft a set based on a starter topic (which can range from “The Walking Dead,” to “Comic Book Villains,” to “Game of Thrones”), with a catch: no standup allowed.

What results is a grab bag of hilarity, which might include a commercial from the Westeros ASPCA, a press conference with Bruce Wayne, a graduation speech given by the One Cop Who Lived in the Terminator Movie or a slew of rejected James Bond theme songs. $5.

8.  TBD: the Improvised Musical

tbd the musical at shadowbox.jpg

Yes, this is one of our shows, but sometimes you need to toot your own horn (toot, toot!). Audiences call this show "pure magic"...and between the cast, the rotating guest list of some of the city's best musicians (*cough* Counterfeit Madison *cough*) and the yes-for-real-they're-made-up songs, there's a reason why this show consistently packs the house. 

Catch TBD the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at Shadowbox Live's Backstage Bistro for $10.

9.  Standup for Choice

standup for choice columbus ace of cups

This quarterly standup show brings together Midwest comedians to raise money for pro-choice and pro-access organizations in Central Ohio. Audiences are treated to a robust lineup of comedians, plus a headliner, and all at Clintonville’s Ace of Cups, whose rock and roll vibe lends an extra layer of awesome to this showcase. 

Tickets are donation based and can be purchased at the door. Stay tuned to the Ace of Cups website to learn about the next show.

10.   Babe Roar's Please Clap Comedy Showcase

wholly craft.jpg

Hosted in the ever-charming Wholly Craft just north of downtown, this all-female comedy show was named after Jeb Bush’s now infamous phrase. The beauty of this show comes from the quirky, intimate setting, the lineups and the focus on women in comedy. Plus, the owner of Wholly Craft is usually present and ready hand out prizes and welcome those lucky enough to get seats.

Follow Babe Roar on Facebook to be the first to know of the next event. Seating is extremely limited, and you'll definitely want to be there!

*This is by no means intended to be a definitive list of all the awesome comedy in Columbus. Don't see your favorite show here? Let us know which ones we gotta see on Facebook!

This Week in Columbus Improv Comedy: July 20-25

All kinds of fun stuff happening this week, including a FREE workshop AND a workshop for a good cause. Check out what's happening in the CBUS!

July 22: Hashtag Comedy with GirlProv2!--$5

girlprov 2 hashtag comedy

GirlProv2 celebrates women in comedy in Columbus with their second GirlProv event of the year. Come out to see this Wednesday's focus on "Rookies and Vets" with female improvisers from all over the city. This is a not-to-miss show! 

7:30, ShadowboxLive's Backstage Bistro

July 24: See You Thursday at the Wild Goose--$5

Catch Columbus Unscripted's See You Thursday for their unique brand of improv comedy at Wild Goose Creative. Plus, it's BYOB!

8pm, Wild Goose Creative

July 25: The Improv Workshop--FREE!

improv workshop

The Improv Workshop is an open workshop for all local improvisers where the focus is on the fundamentals of scene work while concentrating on 2 person scenes. The workshop is self moderated with the more experienced improvisers helping to guide the pace and coaching

10:30am to 1:30pm, Upper Arlington Library's Friends Theater

July 25: Improv for the Actor Workshop--$25 (All proceeds go to Pelotonia)

improv workshop columbus ohio

The Improv for the Actor Class teaches trained actors the fundamentals of improvisation. Skills acquired in this class can be applied to scripted and non-scripted work. Become more improvisational in written moments and more confident when asked to improvise. Improv for the Actor covers the fundamental elements of scenic improvisation from creating environment to basic character development in a scene.

10:00 AM-1:00 PM, All Saint's Lutheran Church

This Week in Columbus Improv Comedy: July 13-July 19

Improv is alive and well in Columbus! Here's what's happening in improv comedy in the 614 this week: 

danyel morgan bass
easily amused improv

July 16: Easily Amused Improv at the Garden Theatre! 7:30, $10.

July 18: Character Workshop with Make a Scene Improv, 3 Hours, $35. Register Here

This Week in Columbus Improv Comedy: July 6-July 12

Wanna catch great improv all over Columbus? Now you can! Here's what's happening in improv comedy this week in the 614: 

meowhattan project

July 8: Hashtag Comedy with the Meowhattan Project! Doors at 7:30, show at 8, $5.

loose change columbus ohio
columbus unscripted sassy do improv
Columbus unscripted See You Thursday

July 10: Columbus Unscripted Presents: See You Thursday Improv at Wild Goose Creative! 7pm, $5, BYOB

Hashtag Comedy Presents: Stories with WNCI's Kelsey and Gandhi! 7/1/2015

hashtag comedy improv wnci kelsey gandhi

Last night Hashtag Comedy performed with WNCI's Kelsey Webb and Medha Gandhi at Shadowbox Live's Backstage Bistro! It was really an honor to be joined by these two lovely ladies in our improv comedy show. The first half was comprised of improv comedy games, with some help from our two special guests. This was followed by three stories by Kelsey and Gandhi, that were the basis for improvised scenes by the members of Hashtag Comedy. Thanks again to all who came out and we hope to have these two back soon!

Thanks to Megan Krauer for the photo! Down front you can see a bottle of wine: a guest was enjoying chocolate chip cookies and wine....along with Hashtag Comedy.

Thanks to Megan Krauer for the photo! Down front you can see a bottle of wine: a guest was enjoying chocolate chip cookies and wine....along with Hashtag Comedy.

Hashtag Comedy's TBD: The Musical! 6/30/2017

Back row (left to right): Bryan Tsyl, Katie Drown, Joseph Moorer, Jeremy Pelzer, Matt White, Sarah Storer, Alex Dodge, Greg Payne, John Kuhn, Sheree Evans, Alex Lefeld, Emily Turner, Chris Heiberger. Bottom row: Kenny Greer, Brenden Calvert, Sara Greer.

Back row (left to right): Bryan Tsyl, Katie Drown, Joseph Moorer, Jeremy Pelzer, Matt White, Sarah Storer, Alex Dodge, Greg Payne, John Kuhn, Sheree Evans, Alex Lefeld, Emily Turner, Chris Heiberger. Bottom row: Kenny Greer, Brenden Calvert, Sara Greer.

On Tuesday, Hashtag Comedy presented its very first musical improv show in the Green Room at the Short North Stage, joined by many talented improvisers and musical performers from across Columbus. The musical was "TBD" - the title was chosen by audience suggestion!

The first half was "The Exorcist, starring Christopher Walken as the Priest." This was followed by "Supreme Court: The Musical." We were so happy so many people came out - setting a new record for attendance at a Hashtag Comedy show at the Garden. We plan to perform more musicals in the future, making this into a regular feature.

This Week in Columbus Improv Comedy: June 29-July 5

Wanna catch great improv comedy in Columbus this week? Here's what's playing around the 614: 

Kelsey and Gandhi at ShadowboxLive's Backstage Bistro
Fake Bacon at Jimmy V's

July 2: Fake Bacon at Jimmy V's in Grandview! Show at 7pm...and it's FREE!

Improv Wars Doo Dah Parade

July 4: Improv Wars March at the Doo Dah Parade! Meet at noon at Park and Goodale to pass out hotsheets promoting Improv Wars: One Night Stand, Two, coming this August!